Arthur Rimbaud

May 10, 2006

Arhtur Rimbaud.jpg 

Writing reveals a mixture of idealism, hope, and faith in his own genius that led him to believe in the possibility of a self-produced apocalypse
Wrote all poetry from ages 15 to 20
Strong model for Surrealists: exemplified a revolutionary reimagining of human experience
Transformed his everyday reality by means of re-creating the power of poetry: quest for perfect truth and love
Complete and often violent engagement of the self
Involved with poet Paul Verlaine


I know skies splitting into light, whirled soupts / Of water, surfs, and currents: I know the night, / The dawn exalted like a flock of doves, pure wing, / And I have seen what men imagine they have seen.

-The Drunken Boat

"And to say that I possess truth, that I understand justice: I have a sound and steady judgment, I am prepared for perfection… Pride. -The skin of my head is drying up.  Pity! Lord, I am terrified.  I am thirsty, so thirsty! Ah! Childhood, the grass, the rain, the lake upon stones, the moonlight when the bell tower was striking twelve… the devil is in the bell tower, at that hour.  Mary! Blessed Virgin!…-The horror of my stupidity."

"I am going to unveil all the mysteries: mysteries religious or natural, deaht, birth, futurity, antiquity, cosmogony, nothingness, I am a master of phantasmagories."

-A Season in Hell


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