Friedrich Nietzsche

May 10, 2006

Friedrich Nietzsche1.jpg

German philosopher 

Describes Western culture as a slow history of moral decay: our philosophical and religious systems have been erected solely to hide the fact that we know the world we live in is ungodly, immoral, and inhuman; there are no absolute truths; Christianity is a sickening of the will and used to restrain our innermost drives in order to preserve society.

Everything must be questioned, and only a totally independent mind can exercise free will. 

The Gay Science (1882/1887)

"The Art of Poetry"
Extols the merits of science, scepticism and intellectual discipline as routes to mental freedom


"But there will be hours when you realize that it is infinite and that there is nothing more awesome than infinity."

"'Where is God?' he cried, 'I'll tell you! We have killed him-you and I!  We are all his murderers.'"

"The lack of personality always takes its revenge: a weakened, thin, extinguished personality, one that denies itself and its own existence, is no longer good for anything good- least of all for philosophy.  'Selflessness' has no value in heaven or on earth; all great problems demand great love, and only strong, round, secure minds who have a firm grip on themselves are capable of that."

"But the value of the injunction 'Thou Shalt' is still fundamentally different from and independent of such opinions about it and the weeds of error that may have overgrown it."

"We have become hard-boiled, cold, and tough in the realization that the way of the world is not at all divine- even by human standards it is not rational, merciful or just."

"Either abolish your venerations or- yourselves!"

"Once a human being arrives at the basic conviction that he must be commanded, he becomes 'a believe'; conversely, one could conceive of a delight and power of self-determination, a freedom of the will, in which the spirit takes leave of all faith and every wish for certainty, practised as it is in maintaining itself on light ropes and possibilities and dancing even beside abysses.  Such a spirit would be the free spirit par excellence."

"Almost all Europeans, at an advanced age, confuse themselves with their role; they become the victims of their 'good performance'; they themselves have forgotten how much they were determined by accidents, moods, and arbitrariness at the time that their 'profession' was decided- and how many other roles they may have been able to play; for now it is too late!  Upon deeper consideration, the role has actually become character; and artifice, nature."


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    makes you think doesn’t it

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