Trumbull Stickney

August 26, 2006


Joseph Trumbull Stickney
American classical scholar and poet
Known for sonnets and fin de siecle style, forms a bridge from 19th century Romantic poetry to 20th century Modernist poetry
Poetry concentrates on image and sound, observation, memory and meditation
Poems depict lonely landscapes with haunting rhythms
Openly homosexual in a time when it is unacceptable
Snuffed out before his prime by a brain tumor at the age of 30


But that I knew these places are my own, / I’d ask how came such a wretchedness to cumber / The earth, and I to people it alone.
It rains across the country I remember.


Mnemosyne is the goddess of memory in Greek mythology and the mother of the nine Muses presiding over the arts
“It seems to reinvent the concept of remembering” – John Hollander

So in a mountain desolation burns / Some rich belated flower, and with the gray / Sick weather, in the world of rotting ferns / From out the dreadful stones it dies away.

-The melancholy year is dead with rain


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