Walter Arensberg

October 24, 2006


Major Dadaist figure
Majored in English and philosophy at Harvard University
Arensberg and his wife, Louise, were wealthy art collectors who purchased most of the works of the avant-garde French artist Marcel Duchamp
Thought poetry should appeal to

“all those alive without formula”

Described Dada poems as being representative of

“all that is young, alive, sporting”


Ing? Is it possible to mean ing? / Suppose / for the termination in g / a disoriented / series / of simple fractures / in sleep / Soporific / has accordingly a value for soap / so present to / sew pieces. / And p says: Peace is. / And suppose the i / to be bing in ing / As Beginning / Then Ing is to ing / as aloud / accompanied by times / and the meaning is apossibility / of ralsis.

-Ing (in whole)

Displays Arensberg’s exuberant and inconoclastic wordplay
puns, phonic repetitions, homophones, and invented words


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